Design Services

CAD Design and Manufacturing

NuMedia designs and manufactures products for sale and on behalf of other companies. We have CAD design, manufacture and test facilities at our offices in Waterlooville.


Our CAD team have over 30 years in-house CAD experience, designing PCBs ranging from the simplest 2-layer designs to the most sophisticated telecommunications cards packed with high density BGAs.


Working from either netlist or schematic source and using the latest CAD tools, designs are quickly and efficiently completed and then distributed in gerber form for engineering review.


Where necessary, mechanical modelling software is used to generate 3D models of products.


Working closely with local PCB fabrication and assembly services, we can arrange for the delivery of fully assembled boards if required. 


If you have a requirement for CAD services please contact us, we would be very happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quotation.


Below are some images of CAD work done by our Chief CAD Engineer, including a 3D model of one of our products


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